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Florida’s scenic views might have you taking a detour, but that shouldn’t be the case with your motorcycle insurance in Florida. Find insurance policies that will give you the freedom to ride at a price you can afford with Stellar Re insurance.

Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance?

Riding without a helmet isn’t worth the risk. Neither is riding without motorcycle insurance.
Although it is not required by law, motorcycle owners should prepare for the unexpected with more than just a helmet and some hope. You can stay prepared for the unpredictable and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve on the rides that you live for.

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Motorcycle insurance policies in Florida provide the following types of coverage:

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

In the event of an injury, whether fatal or not, bodily injury liability coverage in your motorcycle policy will protect you.

Collision Coverage

They hit you? You hit them? With collision coverage, it doesn't matter who's pointing fingers at who. Damages to your bike will be covered regardless of fault.

Accessories Damage

Damages to accessories can be costly. That's why accessories coverage is offered in motorcycle insurance - to pay for the little things that matter.

Comprehensive Physical Damage Cover

Accidents aren't the only issues motorcyclists may face. Vandalism and theft can be costly, among other extenuating factors.

Uninsured / Under-insured Motorists Coverage

You can't control how other motorist behave, the same way you can't ensure everyone on the road has motorcycle insurance. This coverage has your back in the event you are hit by someone who doesn't carry insurance.

What Types Of Medical Coverage Exist?

You can stay protected by selecting from three medical coverage options to insure you and your passengers.

1 Medical Payments

2 No-Fault

3 Personal Injury

Speak with one of our Stellar Re Insurance Agents today to decide which medical coverage is right for you.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required By Florida Law?

While motorcycle owners aren’t required by Florida law to obtain motorcycle insurance, it’s a good idea to take the initiative and establish a policy before an accident happens.

If you get into an accident that causes injuries you will be required to obtain a policy. Worse yet, you could lose your license or incur other penalties for not voluntarily purchasing a policy prior to the accident.

What Types Of Bikes Are Covered with Florida Motorcycle Insurance?

Dirt Bike Insurance
Moped & Scooter Insurance
Trike Insurance
Harley- Davidson Insurance
Motocross Insurance

Don’t see your type of bike listed above? Not to worry! Stellar Re Insurance finds policies that can be personalized to each biker’s needs. Give us a call at +1(551)946-0005 for more information and take the first steps toward ensuring you, your bike, and your passengers.

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