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Commercial Insurance

Protect Your Business Vehicles with Commercial Insurance.
As a business owner, you can’t control what people do behind the wheel, but you can get ahead of the game by protecting yourself with a sound commercial insurance policy. At Stellar Re, our agents specialize in finding you the best commercial auto insurance in Florida for your specific needs, because we know no two businesses are made equally.

Why Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

If your business uses a truck, SUV, sedan, or any other vehicle to carry out business tasks, it needs to be insured (just like your own car).
While commercial policies cover bodily injury and property damage similar to normal car insurance, they can also protect your employees with workers compensation and yourself with a business owner’s policy.

Activities that Require You to Have Commercial Insurance

In general, if you use a car or truck for any work-related task other than commuting, a commercial policy is necessary. Most work activities are NOT covered by personal plans, specifically those listed below.


You transport goods or people for a fee or you conduct a service with your car.


The nature of your work (i.e.oversized loads) may require higher limits of liability.


You haul considerable weight in tools or equipment or you tow a trailer.


Your employees operate the auto and ownership is in the name of a company or partnership.

What Does Commercial Insurance in Florida Cover?

Typical Florida commercial auto insurance covers property damage, collision, combined single limit coverage, comprehensive physical damage, bodily injury, uninsured motorist, medical payments, no-fault, and personal injury.

Property Damage and Collision

Protects you legally and financially in the event that your car accidentally damages another person’s property. It also pays for damage to your car when it hits or is hit by another object.

Combined Single Limit

Provision that limits the coverage of all components of your claim to a single dollar amount, independent of the number of people involved or the nature of the incident (bodily injury, property damage, or other).

Comprehensive Physical Damage

Pays for damage to your commercial vehicle or replacement of your car from theft, vandalism, flood, fire, and other dangers.

Bodily Injury Liability

Provides you with financial and legal protection for bodily injury or death resulting from an accident for which you or a driver at your company is at fault.

Uninsured Motorist

Covers injuries and select property damage caused by uninsured or a hit-and-run drivers. You may also opt for underinsured motorist coverage which protects you against at-fault drivers with insufficient insurance.

Medical Payments, No- Fault, or Personal Injury

Pays for the medical expenses of the driver and passengers of your commercial vehicle which were incurred as the result of a covered incident (regardless of fault).

What About Commercial Truck Insurance Policies?

We offer an array of commercial truck policies, including tow truck insurance, bobtail coverage, motor truck cargo, and non-trucking liability.
At Stellar Re, our agents can find you the most affordable coverage to protect you from liabilities related to your commercial truck(s).

What Types of Commercial Vehicles Can We Help You Insure?

Businesses rely on all different types of vehicles to serve their customers, and Stellar Re has you covered for all of them. Some of the most common vehicles include:

Garbage & Dump Truck
Flatbed Trucks
Box Trucks
Tank Trucks
Tow Trucks
Front- Loader Trucks
Pickup Trucks
Semi Trucks

No truck? No worries.
We also insure SUVs, vans, cars, and cargo vans.

Do All of My Employees Need to Have Clean Driving Records?

Answer: Yes.
In order to secure a commercial auto insurance or commercial truck insurance policy for your business, all of your employees that will act as drivers must be able to provide proof of a clean driving record, in other words, no violations or points on their licenses.

How Much Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cost?

There are many factors that determine premiums, but commercial auto insurance has an average annual cost of
$750-$1,200 for a commercial car and $1,500-$2,000 for a semi-truck.


If you can afford the risk, then higher deductibles will lead to lower annual premiums. Lower coverage will also lead to lower premiums.


If the cargo material that your vehicle normally carries is highly valuable, like fuel for example, then your premiums will be higher.


The more employees you register as drivers, the higher the risk and the higher the premiums.


Normally, the larger the vehicle, the higher the annual premiums.


Better credit score, lower premiums.

Stellar Re Offers Flexible Payment Plans to Business Owners

Commercial auto insurance doesn’t have to be a burden. Our agents can find you affordable commercial insurance and an appropriate payment plan that won’t require you to put the breaks on your business growth.

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